Awaken, eyes open

I can’t find sleep am I dreaming? 

Time is running out and I’m losing my mind

You secrets, I hear them   

Running round my head til the morning     

Time is running out and I’m losing my mind

When the lights go out



You came my way you sneaky lover

You gained my trust with million lies

No other one could make it better

I’m like a prey you play with and hypnotize

But you, you baby, baby, you wanna wanna feel alive

Well you baby, baby, you don’t wanna feel the ties

Still you baby baby, pl...



You can go, face the sun, ride a highway

Anytime I can feel you're still by my side

There's no doubt, when the clouds darken my days

Your caring presence softens my sleepless nights

Wherever I roam, you control my fears

You're my compass, my sun and my guiding star

As I...

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